How long will it take for the CCP to vet an application?

The Council has three months to process and issue a decision on a warrant application, from the date Council Secretary receives the fully completed warrant application form (including additional documentation as per Directive 2005/36/EC).

What languages are required for a warranted counsellor to work in Malta?

It is recommended that a warranted counsellor practicing in Malta is fluent in either English or Maltese.

What are the appeal procedures involved if a warrant application is rejected by the Council for the Counselling Profession?

An applicant can appeal the Council for the Counselling Profession’s decision if:

(a) the issue of the warrant certificate to practice the profession of a counsellor is refused,


(b) in relation to the equivalence and recognition of qualifications in the counselling profession.

An appeal against the decision of the Council for the Counselling Profession, shall be filed within a peremptory period of thirty (30) calendar days from the date of such decision, by means of a written request for appeal filed with:

The Ombudsman or Court of Law.